We Find Mid & Senior Level Professionals

Recruitment Expertise

Barnaby Clarke work with not only with Commercial generalists but also professionals who have taken a more specialist route.  Typically, these include Coaches – Trainers, In-house Recruiters, Part and Fully Qualified Accountants, Tax specialists, Sales and Business Development etc.

After beginning in Recruitment in 1999, the founder of Barnaby Clarke, Claire Birks, became a qualified L&D specialist 8 years later where she spent the following 7 years helping Agency Recruiters be not only more successful at finding and placing candidates with their clients but helping them understand the importance of working in partnership and appreciating every party’s needs in the process.

Basically increasing the quality of service that their clients and candidates received.

These experiences and the commitment shown to the industry has meant that Barnaby Clarke is in a fantastic position to help with all of the needs of the companies and professionals that we work with.


Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services can be complex and there is often confusion around what the services actually mean.  Here is a breakdown of what we offer and what this means to you as a client:

What staff we offer:

Permanent appointments:

  • Someone to join your payroll ‘Employed’ by you
  • Agreed annual salary/benefits paid monthly
  • You have all legal responsibilities (tax/holiday/benefits etc.)
  • You pay the agency a one off fee which is generally invoiced on the day the person starts with you

Contract appointments:

  • Can be short or long term but more often than not, they are not classed as your employee
  • Can be ‘fixed term’ (you may decide to agree to pay the agency an agreed one off amount and then sort out the payment of the contractor between yourselves, however it is yours and the agencies discretion as a more traditional ‘margin’ route might be desired)
  • Can be ongoing (this is more traditional – am hourly/day rate is agreed with the agent and they invoice you on a weekly/monthly basis until you no longer need the contractor
  • You are not responsible for tax/holiday etc.

We do not currently offer temporary appointments however please do contact us and we can see how our other services can be tailored to meet your requirements.


Recruitment Processes

Contingency Process

Traditionally, this is what most think of when considering recruitment; you give a vacancy to multiple agencies and they try and get you the right candidate before others do:


  • More agencies searching for suitable applicants is commonly thought to result in a greater choice of CVs for you to review
  • You can often get lower rates by using agency competition as a lever

Exclusivity process

Offering a period of time where you entrust 1 Recruiter to source solely for your role. You commit to not instructing any other agents or indeed engaging with anyone who tries to submit speculative CVs.  At the end of that time period, a review takes place and actions agreed moving forwards


  • This allows the Recruiter to perform a thorough search of the market and profiling of candidates which should increase the quality of choice for you and reduce having lesser committed candidates in the process
  • You can often get a good deal on a rate without compromising the service you receive as you have shown an increased level of commitment and trust in the process and Recruiter

Retained process

This is where you are ‘blocking out’ the services of a Recruiter to offer you the most in-depth recruitment service to include market mapping/search /approaching ‘hidden’ potential applicants/full pre-interview service (where required) and so on – completely bespoke to you and your needs.


  • By the nature of the retained assignments process (one wouldn’t be advised or taken on unless the Recruiter felt they could find applicants for you) the chances of successfully filling the role are significantly increased
  • If the role is of a senior appointment and you want to ensure either confidentiality, or indeed strong representation of your brand, if you have tight timelines that you need adhering to, working retained process will help control these areas

Managed Agency process

This is where one Recruiter is given full responsibility to recruit for multiple vacancies at one time.  These roles are often across a variety of departments and disciplines.  That Recruiter can outsource to other agencies if needs be to ensure they get the coverage you need of suitable applicants.  The Recruiter manages this, you don’t.


  • Significantly reduce the time it takes for you to manage large recruitment processes as you only have contact with one Recruiter rather than multiple Recruiters depending on their area of expertise (this also means that you can bounce recruitment calls to that Recruiter rather than handle them yourself!)
  • Eliminates confusion and duplication and adds a consistency to the process that may otherwise be difficult to achieve because of all the different points of contact
  • Often offered better rates due to the volume and mutual commitment required for this process

We hope this helps with understanding the service we provide; fundamentally we would welcome a conversation to hear about what support you are looking for, we’re sure to have a service we can tailor to meet your needs.